Point Aux Barques

Information and picture supplied by The Pointe Aux Barques Lighthouse Society

There are two museums housed in the lighthouse. The Thumb Underwater Preserve covering all the history and shipwrecks of Lake Huron and the historical museum of the Pointe Aux Barques Lighthouse and Lifesaving Station.

President Polk appropriated $5,000 to build the first lighthouse structure on July 3, 1847. (A transcription of the contract to construct the first lighthouse can be read here). The first keeper, Peter Shook and his family, moved in in 1848. In 1849 the keeper's dwelling burned to the ground. The lighthouse tower and dwelling were rebuilt in 1857 when they tore the whole thing down and started over from scratch. Both the dwelling and tower had suffered severe cracks because they were made with the rock along the shoreline and the harsh weather was to much for them to handle. The lighthouse tower rebuilt in 1857 is still in existence today.

The goal is to have the lighthouse restored to the late 1800ís or early 1900 era. Unfortunately, the lighthouse was stripped of all its artifacts when the Coast Guard decommissioned the Keepers in 1957. The Display and Procurement Committee is currently searching for articles to furnish the lighthouse with the United States Coast Guard and through individuals in the area. If any individual or business would like to help preserve history, please contact the Chairperson, Judy Valentine.

The Pointe Aux Barques Lighthouse Society