Cabot Head

The Cabot Head Lighthouse was built in 1896, and served for more than a century before being replaced by an adjacent airport-style tower in 1989. The quaint and homey looking lighthouse is now lovingly cared for by a group of local citizens who hope to restore the tower that once rose from a corner of the dwelling. Painted white, with a red roof and trim, the dwelling has been furnished with antiques and harkens back days gone by, when the lighthouse keeper and his family filled the rooms.

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Bruce County Lighthouse Tour

Directions: To reach Cabot Head Lighthouse from Highway 6, turn east onto Dyer's Bay Road approximately two miles north of Miller Lake and follow it for eight miles. After passing the village of Dyer's Bay, turn onto Cabot Head Road. The lighthouse is located at the end of the narrow, 5-mile long access road.