Sturgeon Point

With its crisp white tower and bright red trim, the Sturgeon Point Lighthouse, located in Alcona, stands as a proud symbol of our nautical heritage. This impressive beacon has saved many a life since it was placed there in 1870. The still-active light is owned by the Coast Guard, which opens its 70-foot tower to visitors a few times each year. From the top it's east to see the necessity of a light in this location. Mariners still rely on the light to warn them away from Sturgeon Point and its ship-killing reef. Gazing out across Lake Huron, one is reminded of the life and death dramas than have unfolded in this dangerous strip of water.

The Sturgeon Point Lighthouse was automated in 1936 and today the keeper's dwelling is an excellent museum whose displays give visitors a glimpse into the past life of the lighthouse.

On display on the grounds is the rudder salvaged from the wreck of the Marine City, who met wit h calamity at Sturgeon Point in August of 1880. Loaded with shingles, the Detroit-bound wooden steamer became engulfed with flames. The Sturgeon Point Lifesaving crew and John Pasque, the lighthouse keeper, aided in the heroic rescue. Of the 121 passengers aboard the Marine City, all but twenty were saved.

Directions: Take us-23 north from Harrisville and veer right onto Lakeshore Drive. Continue about one mile and turn right onto Point Road. You'll note the small gravel road that leads to the lighthouse less than a mile down.

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