Tawas Point

At the center of what is now a state park stands the lovely Tawas Point lighthouse. First built in 1852 and later rebuilt, the light is still in operation and managed by the U.S. Coast Guard.

The 70 foot conical brick tower is painted white and is topped by a black iron walkway and an interesting 10-sided red roof matching the shape of the lantern. The keeper's dwelling is attached to the tower by a small enclosed passageway. Because it is the residence of the Coast Guard Commander and his family, the house and surrounding yard is off limits to visitors. However, during the summer months tours of the tower are conducted, providing visitors with a striking view of Tawas Bay from the top.

Directions: The lighthouse is located in Tawas Point State Park. From the junction of M-55 and US 23 in Tawas City, head northeast on U-23 about one and a half miles to Tawas Beach Road. Turn right and go approximately 2.8 miles to the State Park.

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