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Tip-Up Town USA

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» Tip-Up Town USA

Houghton Lake
Last Two Weekends in January

It's hard to put into words how Tip Up Town USA has come to be the very description of winter fun and enjoyment for the whole family at Houghton Lake. Thousands of Michigan, Ohio, Indiana, Illinois and neighboring residents return each year to see this largest Winter Festival in Michigan, held annually the last two weekends in January. Several weeks prior to the festival, a TUT Kick-off Program is held, where the candidates for Queen, Mayor and Marshall complete their many campaigns and exhibitions for office, followed by an election ballot. A Grand Parade opens the festival activities on Saturday of the first weekend at 10:00am. The Grand Parade travels east from the Houghton Lake Heights along M-55 and ends up at the TUT USA site, where clowns, games, contests, concessions, cavorting, demonstrations and aerial performances are part of the feverish activity. A spectacular Fireworks display over the ice in front of the TUT USA site begins at dusk on both Saturday evenings of the festival. Sunday mornings, a non-denominational Church Service is held at the TUT USA site to start off the day of family activities. For more than 20 years, TUT USA has been acclaimed among the top ten festivals in the nation. Approximately 80,000 people turned out during the past festivals to enjoy the results of hundreds of hours work put in by individual volunteers and various community committees.

Houghton Lake Area Snowmobiling

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With roughly 200 miles of groomed snowmobile trails in Roscommon County, Houghton Lake is the perfect stop for the snowmobile enthusiast. It is clear to see why Houghton Lake attracts thousands of snowmobile enthusiasts each winter. With northern Michigan's extensive trail system, abundant snow and exciting terrain, it is the perfect setting for a snowmobiling adventure for all ages. The Houghton Lake area also offers plenty of lodging and snowmobiling friendly pubs and taverns and terrific dining as well. Houghton Lake is the perfect base for accessing Michigan's 6100 miles of snowmobile trails. Maps are available at various locations throughout the county, including Houghton Lake Tourism Bureau, Chamber of Commerce offices in Houghton Lake and Roscommon/Higgins Lake.

Houghton Lake Area Snowshoeing

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» Houghton Lake Area Tourism Bureau - Snowshoeing

» Marl Lake Trails

If you want to get in the outdoors and be by yourself a little bit especially in the winter time a great way to do it is on snowshoes. You can go back into the woods. You can follow trails like we’re going to do today or you can break your own trail into the woods if you know where you’re going… you wouldn’t’ want to get lost up there.

Houghton Lake Area X-Country Skiing

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» Houghton Lake Area Tourism Bureau - Cross-Country Skiing

Now here’s a great way to get some exercise and enjoy being outdoors during the winter: cross country skiing. We came to Cross Country Ski Headquarters in Roscommon for a few lessons. Proprietor Bob Frye has been enjoying this Nordic tradition for decades. His shop sells all the latest ski equipment, provides lessons for beginners and ongoing instruction for more experienced skiers.

If you haven’t been on cross country skis in a while, the equipment has really changed. New binding systems make it easy to get in and out of the skis – so falling is no big deal. And as the pros will tell you: everyone falls!

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