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Lighthouses standing majestically on a shoreline or an island conjure up images of romance and adventure. As picturesque as they are, their flashing lights served a necessary, practical function for mariners of the past. The waters of Lake Huron and Georgian Bay can be treacherous--many an unfortunate ship didn't weather the storm, even with the aid of a lighthouse beacon! This trip will take us to 8 different lighthouses all located on Lake Huron in Bruce County.
We have collected information and web links related to the area and combined them here with photos we took and video clips from the show in what we hope will be a helpful guide as you plan your trip. Feel free to select only one or two activities per day according to your family’s interests. For assistance or for more information, call Bruce County Tourism - 1 (800) 268-3838. Have fun!
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Photo Galleries
June 2007
» Point Clark Lighthouse
(16 photos)
» Kincardine Lighthouse
(11 photos)
» Chantry Island Kayaks
(15 photos)
» Chantry Island
(21 photos)
» Chi-Cheemaun Ferry
(7 photos)
»Bruce Peninsula Park
(15 photos)
» Big Tub Lighthouse
(35 photos)
» Cabot Head Lighthouse
(21 photos)
» Lion's Head Lighthouse
(6 photos)
Aerial Footage by Video Support Services and Aaron Szimanski DOP/Cameraman

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Stretching from Point Clark in the south to Tobermory in the north, the Bruce Coast Lighthouse Tour features 15 distinctive lighthouse and marine heritage sites along the shores of Lake Huron and Georgian Bay for you to explore. Plan to spend a week (or more) and tour the scenic communities surrounding each site. Climb to the top, take a tour boat ride, spot the Phantom Piper, experience a world famous sunset, paint or photograph, learn the history of marine navigation and view shipwrecks.
Suggested tour route: Begin your tour at the Point Clark Lighthouse and meander along the Lake Huron shoreline (2-3 days). After touring the Tobermory sites, head back down the Peninsula along the Georgian Bay side and end your tour with the Cape Croker Light (2-3 days).
Tour Notes
  • The tour is self-guided.
  • Some sites do provide interpretation and guide service seasonally.
  • The distance from Point Clark to Tobermory is approximately 210 km.
  • Watch the weather.
  • Visits to some sites are weather dependent.
  • Admission fees vary for each location.
  • National Park fees apply for Flowerpot Island.
  • For all island locations, tour boat fees apply.
  • Wear appropriate footwear for sites that are open for climbing.
  • Some offer hiking trails, too.
  • Use this web site to book accommodations and plan your entire trip!
  • Planning to climb to the top of a lighthouse?
  • Wear comfortable and sturdy footwear...most of the stairways have narrow steps and sure footing is a must.
  • Bring your camera for pictures of the view and for the wildlife and plant life on Flower Pot Island and at Cabot Head.
  • Visit a lighthouse and experience the magic!
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