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MAY 2017
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1405 OGEMAW COUNTY TOUR 05/18/17

There is a lot of activity in Ogemaw County from biking, off roading, canoeing, golf and so much more and we are going to try experience a lot of it on today’s show.


Today’s show is a Fishing Getaway to Michigan’s Other Great Lakes. Located in Roscommon county is the Largest inland Lake in Michigan with some of the best fishing you will ever find in the Great Lakes state. After our day of fishing we spend a solemn moment at the Fireman’s memorial.

JUNE 2017
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1308 More Fishing Than Ever Before 06/01/17

When you travel the Sunrise Coast of Michigan you will be amazed at how much water there is to fish. Well we take advantage of that when we stay in Tawas and fish for Steelhead, Walleye, Smallmouth Bass and even learn about how the Saginaw Bay is the world’s best producer of Walleye.

1304 Great Getaways Fish Fry 06/08/17

Join us as we go to Michigan’s fishing paradise, the Upper Peninsula! Today is all about fish. The Upper Peninsula is not only known for its fabulous fisheries but it has some of the best chefs when it comes to these tasty filets. You will have a chance to vote on which delicacy you would like to try.

10015 State Parks of Michigan's Upper Peninsula 06/15/17

It wasn't until the onset of the twentieth century that things like admiring nature became fashionable in the United States. People like President Theodore Roosevelt, and author John Muir, helped to popularize setting aside public lands for the preservation of wildlife and other natural resources. Because of this foresight, Michigan's residents and visitors can enjoy one of the nation's premier park systems.

904 Hiking The Bruce Trail 06/22/17

Ontario is known for its rugged beauty and unspoiled wilderness and that is what we will discover as we travel along a portion of the world-renowned Bruce Trail. We hike to rock outcroppings that look down 300 feet into the Georgian Bay, we go into the back country through beautiful forests rich with wildlife and so much more. Hike with us as we discover the Bruce Trail.


The scenery is incredible, the history is everywhere and it is filled with adventure. Nobody gets tired of Tahquamenon Falls or hiking the Lake Superior shoreline. We discover the history of one of the oldest cities in the country. It’s all here today as we discover the Eastern Upper Peninsula.


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