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1311 More Autumn Color, Canoes and fun 09/22/16

There is no time like the fall to enjoy a hike in the woods and enjoy the clean autumn air along with the array of beautiful colors and there is not a better place to do it in than Ogemaw County.

1110 Tawas Bay Circle Tour 09/29/16

Tawas Bay on the western shore of Lake Huron has so many things to do for the outdoor enthusiast that we had to make a full tour out of it. We start at the southern point of the bay on bikes and stop in town for some music and festivities. We jump in our vehicle to head out to Monument Rd for some fascinating history and work our way up to the Tawas Bay Lighthouse and through the State Park before we end up on the shore of beautiful Lake Huron with fishing, hiking and picnicking in between.

Show # Episode Title Satellite Feed Date

1209 Our Favorite Waterways 10/06/16

Michigan and Canada are known for their waterways and today we will show you some of the best. We will Canoe, Kayak, and boat through some of the most spectacular and exciting waterways that are accessible to everyone.

1301 The Best, as Selected by our Viewers 10/13/16

We have been keeping track of the comments and requests for information from our loyal viewers and today we will show you the best adventures as picked by you, our audience.

1309 Autumn on the Sunrise Coast 10/20/16

It’s a beautiful time of year and there isn’t a more beautiful place in Michigan in the late fall then the Sunrise Coast. Join us as we tour the Lake Huron Shoreline in the Autumn.

1310 Then And Now: Manistique, Michigan 10/27/16

One of our favorite places to go anytime of the year and has been for a long time. Join us as we compare this great place 20 years ago and today.


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