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JULY 2016
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10017 waterfalls and wonders 07/21/16
The episode title says it all as we discover waterfalls, natural and man-made wonders from around Ontario and incredible beauty from the overlooks of 300 foot cliffs, hiking trails, garden pathways, museums and golf courses.
10015 state parks of michigan's upper peninsula 07/28/16
It wasn't until the onset of the twentieth century that things like admiring nature became fashionable in the United States. People like President Theodore Roosevelt, and author John Muir, helped to popularize setting aside public lands for the preservation of wildlife and other natural resources. Because of this foresight, Michigan's residents and visitors can enjoy one of the nation's premier park systems.

Show # Episode Title Satellite Feed Date

1204 It won't hurt us to go to curtis 08/04/16
To quote an old friend Curtis is a place in the U.P. that most people have never been to and don’t know much about, so “It won’t hurt us to go Curtis” Three large lakes with the same name Big Manistique, Little Manistique and North Manistique. We will enjoy fishing, hiking and friends galore.
1102 The Great Lakes Bay Waterway 08/11/16
Our tour starts in the middle of the state in Sanford, Michigan on Sanford Lake to do a little fishing with champion fisherman Brian Darling. From here we take a tour of the Shiawassee Nature preserve and then it’s on to the Tittabawassee River to kayak and we continue all the way to Saginaw Bay to join in a sailboat race and fish with nationally acclaimed fisherman Mark Martin. This is a water trail for the whole family. Then we ask our viewers to vote for their favorite boating experience on a new segment called Boating Country.
1104 The Nautical Heart of Michigan 08/18/16
With over 430 square miles of fresh water and 160 miles of shoreline to explore you are sure to discover your own personal passions and pleasures on Lake St. Clair. You’ve no doubt heard the expression, “Life is better with a boat.” If that’s true, then life just doesn’t get any better than boating—on Lake St. Clair. And the reason is that Lake St. Clair may just be one of the best boating lakes on the planet. This area is full of little towns with great eateries, lots of great fishing and tons of fun for the whole family. If you like the water, you are going to love “The Nautical Center of Michigan.”
1108 U.P. Beauty 08/25/16
Autumn is wilderness getaway time! The color is fantastic, the crowds have gone home and the bugs are gone until next year. We will canoe into the wilderness for the camping trip of a lifetime. We guarantee that you have never seen fall color so incredibly beautiful and you will be planning your own trip before today’s show is even finished.


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