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MARCH 2017
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1104 The Nautical Heart of Michigan 03/23/17

With over 430 square miles of fresh water and 160 miles of shoreline to explore you are sure to discover your own personal passions and pleasures on Lake St. Clair. You’ve no doubt heard the expression, “Life is better with a boat.” If that’s true, then life just doesn’t get any better than boating—on Lake St. Clair. And the reason is that Lake St. Clair may just be one of the best boating lakes on the planet.  This area is full of little towns with great eateries, lots of great fishing and tons of fun for the whole family. If you like the water, you are going to love “The Nautical Center of Michigan.”

1405 Ogemaw County Tour 03/30/17

There is a lot of outdoor activity in Ogemaw County from biking, off roading, canoeing, golf and so much more and we are going to try to experience a lot of it on today’s show.

APRIL 2017
Show # Episode Title Satellite Feed Date

1101 Tour The Thumb 04/06/17

We take a complete tour of the peninsula that we fondly call the thumb of Michigan’s mitt. Surrounded by water, this part of Michigan is full of great outdoor activities. Our tour includes sightseeing, historic stops, great food and fun in the water and on land. The Thumb is loaded with campgrounds and we visit the best in a new segment called Camping Country. Don’t miss the opportunity to vote on your favorite as we “Tour the Thumb.”

1106 The Keweenaw Peninsula 04/13/17

This rugged wilderness is the northernmost part of Michigan! Here is where the largest freshwater lake on earth creates a peninsula called the Keweenaw. We will hike to Montreal Falls, discover the history of Fort Wilkins and the Delaware Copper Mine and enjoy the breath-taking beauty of the Great Sand Bay. Plus, we will bring you “Then and Now” giving you a glimpse of what the area was like 20 years ago.

10014 In Search of the Perfect Beach 04/20/17

Beaches, Beaches, and more Beaches and what has been called the most beautiful sunset in the world. If you are looking for a getaway that says “relax,” look no further than this Ontario retreat, Beauty and the Beaches.

1404 Stay And Play - A Great Outing For All 04/27/17

When guys and gals want a getaway of their own, when families want to create memories, when couples want some spark, they head to the playground known as Michigan's Other Great Lakes. It is a smorgasbord of fun - shopping, fishing, hiking, golfing and more.


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