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10005 Incredible Beauty, Delicious Food and Fantastic Feats 11/17/16

Our episode title says it all as we discover waterfalls, local favorite foods from around Ontario and incredible beauty from the overlooks of 300 foot cliffs.

10015 State Parks of Michigan's Upper Peninsula 11/24/16

It wasn't until the onset of the twentieth century that things like admiring nature became fashionable in the United States. People like president Theodore Roosevelt, and author John Muir, helped to popularize setting aside public lands for the preservation of wildlife and other natural resources. Because of this foresight, Michigan's residents and visitors can enjoy one of the nation's premier park systems.

Show # Episode Title Satellite Feed Date

1116 Christmas in the Great Lakes Bay Region 12/01/16

There are so many Christmas activities going on in the Great Lakes Bay Region it was a monumental task to show all of them but we are going to try on today's show. This area covers all of Bay County, Midland County and Saginaw County so you know it’s going to be fun.

1213 Winter in the Sault 12/08/16

Join us for the most grueling snowmobile race in the country, the I-500. From there it’s everything winter from ice hockey to x-country skiing.

7724 Wilderness Snowshoeing 12/15/16

There is no place like Michigan’s Upper Peninsula when it comes to deep snow and lots of it. We will snowshoe deep into the Hiawatha National Forest for some incredible scenery. We won’t stop there with the snowshoe adventure. We find an abandoned trail that will give us all that we can handle with the big shoes.

1202 Ice is Nice 12/22/16

Ice, Ice everywhere and we are going to snowmobile on it, fish on it and enjoy the biggest winter carnival in Michigan. Don’t miss this ice is nice on the largest inland lake in Michigan, Houghton Lake.

7723 Ontario Winter Adventure 12/29/16

Here is a Getaway for everyone that loves winter fun. Starting on the snowmobiles we will take a scenic tour of Owen Sound around Georgian Bay. Then it’s off to ski the world renowned Blue Mountains with some of the best skiing east of the Rockies.


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