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1301 The Best, as Selected by our Viewers 01/19/17

We have been keeping track of the comments and requests for information from our loyal viewers and today we will show you the best adventures as picked by you, our audience.

1403 Hidden Gem of the West 01/26/17

Ludington Michigan is one of those places that is bypassed by many a traveler on their way north. They don’t know what they are missing and we will show you some surprises on today’s show.

Show # Episode Title Satellite Feed Date

1308 More Fishing Than Ever 02/02/17

When you travel the Sunrise Coast of Michigan you will be amazed at how much water there is to fish. Well we take advantage of that when we stay in Tawas and fish for Steelhead, Walleye, Smallmouth Bass and even learn about how the Saginaw Bay is the worlds best producer of Walleye.

1404 Stay and Play - a great Outing for all 02/09/17

When guys and gals want a getaway of their own, when families want to create memories, when couples want some spark, they head to the playground known as Michigan's Other Great Lakes. It is a smorgasbord of fun - shopping, fishing, hiking, golfing and more.

1207 Best Hiking Trails In The Midwest 02/16/17

If you like to hike, today’s show is for you. We have picked our favorite trails across the Midwest and Canada and put them together for your hiking enjoyment.

1304 Great Getaways Fish Fry 02/23/17

Join us as we go to Michigan’s fishing paradise, the Upper Peninsula! Today is all about fish. The Upper Peninsula is not only known for its fabulous fisheries but it has some of the best chefs when it comes to these tasty filets. You will have a chance to vote on which delicacy you would like to try.


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