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APRIL 2017
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10014 In Search of the Perfect Beach 04/20/17

Beaches, Beaches, and more Beaches and what has been called the most beautiful sunset in the world. If you are looking for a getaway that says “relax,” look no further than this Ontario retreat, Beauty and the Beaches.

1404 Stay And Play - A Great Outing For All 04/27/17

When guys and gals want a getaway of their own, when families want to create memories, when couples want some spark, they head to the playground known as Michigan's Other Great Lakes. It is a smorgasbord of fun - shopping, fishing, hiking, golfing and more.

MAY 2017
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Autumn is wilderness getaway time! The color is fantastic, the crowds have gone home and the bugs are gone until next year. We will canoe into the wilderness for the camping trip of a lifetime. We guarantee that you have never seen fall color so incredibly beautiful and you will be planning your own trip before today’s show is even finished.

1403 HIDDEN GEM OF THE WEST 05/11/17

Ludington Michigan is one of those places that is bypassed by many a traveler on their way north. They don’t know what they are missing and we will show you some surprises on today’s show.

1405 OGEMAW COUNTY TOUR 05/18/17

There is a lot of activity in Ogemaw County from biking, off roading, canoeing, golf and so much more and we are going to try experience a lot of it on today’s show.


Today’s show is a Fishing Getaway to Michigan’s Other Great Lakes. Located in Roscommon county is the Largest inland Lake in Michigan with some of the best fishing you will ever find in the Great Lakes state. After our day of fishing we spend a solemn moment at the Fireman’s memorial.


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