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Episode #1603

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June 2020


It was awesome. I've been across (U.S. Highway) 2 at least 40 times and did not know of many of the sites. I will now take my time to enjoy.
Dena Donaldson
Bay City, MI


Awesome.... can't wait for our next U.P. adventure!
Bonnie Robison
Lincoln, MI


All right. The U.P. is now on my list of travel destinations. Interesting show. I've got to visit that freighter museum.
Curtis Milke
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Summer days and nights, it's what camping is about. Long walks and reading by the camp site is just what you need to unwind. The trip along U.S. 2 is one of the best. A journey west to visit family is what I remember most. Love it!!
Debbie Kapusta
Clinton Township, MI

July 2020


Excellent show. I loved the biking and hiking trails info. We moved here last fall from Pennsylvania to be close to grandkids and want to learn about the wonderful parks, biking and hiking trails you have in this area. Many thanks.
Bill and Susan Halke
Saginaw, MI


I loved it. I never knew about these trails. So glad I saw this episode.
Mary Potter
Birch Run, MI


Very informative. I like the fact the canopy trail was built while only removing 6 trees. Would like to hike it.
David Olee
Grand Rapids, MI


I loved the Great Lakes Bay Trails episode. I would like additional information about what to do and what to see highlighted in the episode. Please send me more. My family and I have taken many trips based upon your shows. Thanks for all the great ideas, Tom and Denny.
Donald Glass
Canton, MI


It was great. I didn't know all those trails were there (Great Lakes Bay Region). Would love to have a pamphlet on those trails. Keep up the good information.
Linda Echelbarger
Adrian, MI

7/25/2020 - Episode 1606 "Scenic Byway 2"

Awesome job Tom. Would love to hike with you someday. I live near Marquette.
Dave Larmour
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7/27/2020 - Episode 1106 "The Keweenaw Peninsula"

Fun and sun, just what is needed now. Relaxing and enjoying the great outdoors is just another great getaway. Thanks!!
Andy Kapusta, Jr.
Clinton Township, MI

7/29/2020 - Episode 1106 "The Keweenaw Peninsula"

Really enjoyed it. Very informative. Brought back so many good memories that I need to visit the area again.
Thomas Sanctorum
Waterford, MI

August 2020

8/9/2020 - Episode 1101 "Tour The Thumb"

Very Informative. Would like to visit this area.
Nancy Mineweaser
Kalamazoo, MI

8/10/2020 - Episode 1101 "Tour The Thumb"

Enjoyed very much. We want to visit some of the places shown on the episode.
Diane Roetter
Davison, MI

8/10/2020 - Episode 8002 "Hidden Port A Call, Port Sanilac"

This is a very nice video.
Joe Cooper
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8/11/2020 - Episode 1101 "Tour The Thumb"

Wonderful! I am planning to visit the thumb area some more and do some genealogy research in Sanilac, Carsonville when the bug is under control. I have been to Caseville and Charity Island, last Spring. And, I would love to receive more info about #1101 Tour of the Thumb. Thank you.
Alice Adams
Midland, MI

8/11/2020 - Episode 1101 "Tour The Thumb"

Nice to see the camping country segment, always looking for new areas and RV friendly areas with history & beautiful views.
Rayette Norlock
Bear Lake, MI

8/12/2020 - Episode 1101 "Tour The Thumb"

I wanna go to the beaches and I saw the thumb has beaches I am very interested in. :)
Vanessa Krieger
Linwood, MI

8/20/2020 - Episode 1110 "Tawas Bay Circle Tour"

I didnt realize there was so much to do near me.
John Collins
East Tawas, MI

8/20/2020 - Episode 1404 "Stay And Play" (Houghton Lake)

Fun, Sun, and just plain relaxing. WOW!
Debbie Kapusta
Clinton Township, MI

September 2020

9/12/2020 - Episode 1709 "Forest Highway 13" (Michigan's Upper Peninsula)

Great! I live in Marquette and did not know of some of the things along H13.
Thomas Johnson
Marquette, MI

9/12/2020 - Episode 1709 "Forest Highway 13" (Michigan's Upper Peninsula)

I have lived in northwest lower Michigan for many years. This was the first I have heard of Hwy 13. Very enjoyable and informative program. I will be sure to travel it in the very near future. Thanks
Thomas Evon
Traverse City, MI

9/12/2020 - Episode 1709 "Forest Highway 13" (Michigan's Upper Peninsula)

Great show. I was there at pops cottage in the 60s - God's Country
Rod Strye
Caro, MI

9/14/2020 - Episode 1709 "Forest Highway 13" (Michigan's Upper Peninsula)

It was perfect for me, I had been thinking of camping in the U.P. next summer and it gave me some great ideas. Thank you!
Dawn Kemp
Newport, MI

9/14/2020 - Episode 1709 "Forest Highway 13" (Michigan's Upper Peninsula)

The show was interesting and informative. We have visited most of the UP many times and never explored highway 13. Highway 13 will definitely be on an upcoming visit! Thank you for sharing with us!
Wanda Groeneveld
Cheboygan, MI

9/15/2020 - Episode 1709 "A Trip Down Federal Forest Highway 13"

Fantastic (as are all shows) Great entertainment from Great Getaways!!!
Christopher Kendra
Muskegon, MI

9/15/2020 - Episode 1709 "A Trip Down Federal Forest Highway 13"

I really enjoyed this week's program, beautiful scenery.
Les Dewey
Walker, MI

9/20/2020 - Episode 1517 "Fall Discovery" (Michigan's Upper Peninsula)

Planning a trip to the UP this summer. Your videos are extremely informative. Thank you!!!!
Cindy Mader
Newmanstown, PA

9/20/2020 - Episode 1517 "Fall Discovery" (Michigan's Upper Peninsula)

Lots of beauty in Michigan's UP. Thanks for sharing!
Vicki Palmbos
Hudsonville, MI

9/21/2020 - Episode 1517 "Fall Discovery" (Michigan's Upper Peninsula)

A splash of the artist palette, this is mother nature at her best. To bask in the cool weather and see all those colors is worth the trip. Just another way of spending time with family amidst the wonders of nature. This is the way I enjoy the fall. Great!!
Andrew Kapusta, Jr.
Clinton Township, MI

9/22/2020 - Episode 1517 "Fall Discovery" (Michigan's Upper Peninsula)

Loved the info. We are headed to the UP October 4th. Would love to visit some of these places!!! Thank you!
Bob Burton
Durand, MI