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Kayaking the AuSable
(4-6 hours)

It’s a beautiful summer day as we head out to kayak on the Au Sable River with Paul Komraus and Jim Miller from AuSable River Kayaking. Their company offers guided tours of the scenic AuSable for all ages and ability levels. Trips last for two to four hours, depending on the course you choose. The kayaks are top of the line, including the Northstar tandem for two kayakers and kayaks like the Wilderness System Tempest for individuals.

We take off down the AuSable River and so far, so good. As you can see, the river is calm making this a perfect place to get some experience kayaking. Paul and Jim are experienced and highly trained guides who are careful of sensitive wetland areas along the river and well acquainted with the wildlife and plants. Expect to see trumpeter swans, loons, eagles and other spectacular sites along the way.

As Paul explains, it’s the length of the trip that determines how challenging your trip will be. But you really don’t need any experience as a kayaker or canoer to enjoy the AuSable when you have experienced guides like Jim and Paul. Everyone from families with young children to grandparents well into their 80s have been down this river. Bring sunglasses, a hat and some suntan lotion plus some water and perhaps a few snacks. By the way, AuSable River Kayaking provides all non-alcoholic excursions.

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