Schoolcraft County Environmental Laboratory

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Bishop Baraga Shrine
Rainey Wildlife Area
Canoe Trip
Ashford Lake Pathway
Colwell Lake Trail
Environmental Lab

»directions from manistique:
east on US-2//turn left and head north on CR-433//turn left on Krummich Rd. (West) and follow until the roads curves to the south and ends at the entrance of the environmental lab.

time to spend:

two hours

what to bring:

hiking boots, gloves


Environmental Lab Map

In 1995 a press release on the just finished project known as the Environmental Lab stated that it was a partnership project with the help of hundreds of volunteers including the Schoolcraft County Natural Resources and Agriculture Focus Group. 
The Property for the 80 acre lab was donated by Manistique Township. 

The Environmental Lab's purpose is for the environmental education of youths.  The property is located within three miles of most of the county's schools and contains a wide variety of flora, fauna, topography, soils and stages of succession.  Three state and federal grants, supported with local donations to match have allowed the project to develop and be successful. 

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