The Fireman’s Memorial
(1.5 hours)

When you take a country ride to view the autumn colors a great stop is the Fireman’s Memorial, a monument dedicated to all fire fighters that have died in the line of duty with a wall bearing their names.  This memorial is one of the few in the nation to honor these fallen heroes.  
 A bronze statue of a fireman rescuing a little girl greets you as you enter the site. The park like setting has antique fire gear and a small picnic ground.

Each year usually during the 3rd week of September, a festival is held in remembrance of these brave citizens.  During this festival there is a parade, antique equipment demonstration, a memorial service, a light parade, music, dancing, emergency crew competitions and many more planned activities.  

Its worth the trip and the time for a visit to the Fireman’s Memorial.

Located on County Rd. 103, near Roscommon

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