Snowshoeing at Schoolcraft County Envinronmental Lab

time to spend:

4 hours

what to bring:

snowshoes, layered clothing, thermos, water, snacks, first aid kit, compass, cell phone, map


Enivronmental Lab Map


»we rode snowmobile trails from Indian Lake State Park north to Shingleton stopping at Jack Pine Lodge ( GPS: N46 Degrees 09,058' W 086 Degrees 23,716' )

The Environmental Lab's purpose is for the environmental education of youths.  The property is located within three miles of most of the county's schools and contains a wide variety of flora, fauna, topography, soils and stages of succession.  Three state and federal grants, supported with local donations to match have allowed the project to develop and be successful.

Full of downed trees that we had to work around and go under as we continued on our trip.  Just take a look and imagine you are here. It is peacefull and tranquil and you will never want to leave. Lets take a second and just enjoy the beauty that can only be found in Michigan's Upper Peninsula.

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Snowshoeing at Pine Marten Run
Snowshoeing at Schoolcraft County Environmental Lab
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