Iargo Springs

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Iargo Springs
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Hiking the Highbanks
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Iosco County - West of Oscoda

time to spend:

2 hours


National Forest Service - Iargo Springs Info
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Oscoda CVB - River Road Scenic Byway

We would go down the over 300 steps to the bottom and explore along the 1000 ft boardwalk that runs through out the springs. Along the way are a number of strategically placed benches for you to stop and catch your breath. These were actually more useful on the way back up.

When you reach the bottom it is a pleasant and tranquil spot where the springs gurgle out of moss-laden bluffs and into the AuSable under the canopy of towering pines. There is also an observation that overlooks the river.

This has been a popular attraction since the 1920’s and a very special place to the Native Americans. It provided more than just drinking water.  Raymond Wabagkeck a Chippewa Indian Elder came with us to the bottom and described what the area meant to him and his people.

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