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Canoer’s Memorial to Lumberman’s Monument 1.75 mi.

time to spend:

2 hours


Lumberman's Monument Info PDF (61.31 KB)

Lumberman's Monument Map PDF (57.66 KB)

DNR Lumberman's Monument Auto Tour PDF (70.70 KB)

The Lumberman's Monument was erected in 1931 as a lasting memorial to the lumbermen that harvested Michigan's giant white pine in the 1800's.  The 14-foot bronze statue overlooks the beautiful Au Sable River ("River of Sand").   The three figures represent various stages of the historic lumbering operation.  In the center, the timber cruiser holds a compass. To his left, a sawyer holds an ax and cross-cut saw.  On the right, is the river rat using a peavey. 

Etched on the granite base are the names of contributors of the $50,000 cost of the memorial.  Many are descendants of the lumbermen that cut the pine.  On one corner you may notice the words "Aitken Fecit," meaning "Aitken made it."  Fecit coming from a Latin verb meaning "to make."  The sculptor was Robert Aiken of New York.

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