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Fun Canoeing on the AuSable
(2-6 hours)

Canoeing the Au Sable River is a family tradition that you and your kids will always remember. Older teenagers, college students and adults enjoy heading down the Au Sable in any combination of inner tubes, canoes and kayaks. We wanted to show you another way to enjoy the Au Sable – with a group canoeing or tubing trip.

Families love canoeing because you can take the kids along. Put a life jacket on them and they’re all set. By the way, you’re likely to see some amazing sites so bring a camera. You can always put it in a Zip-loc bag so it won’t get wet. That’s a good idea for other items like your wallet also.

It’s up to you how long you want to spend on the river. Guides like Adam can lead your group on two, four and six hour tours. Everyone has to be off the river by 6 p.m. and hiring an experienced guide company is a good way to ensure that the trip is well timed and that even beginners will have a safe and enjoyable time on the Au Sable River.

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