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Hiking the Hoist Lake Trail
(4 hours)

The trails here are well marked and we’re on a trail that’s termed “moderate.” Parts of the trail here are more difficult, involving steeper and more rugged terrain. The trails near Hoist Lake are marked with blue blaze markers on the trees. By the way, the woods are full of pines and this was once home to a lot of lumberjacks.

Hiking here it’s quiet, you hear a lot of the sounds of nature and you really don’t see many other people. Something that we did see is the work of beavers that have been busy chewing away at a number of trees as they work on a damn near a small pond. These guys have been busy!

Some previous hikers made staffs from fallen branches and they’ve left those here for others to use. Of course when you’re done with the fire pit you want to make sure the fire is completely extinguished and the campground cleaned up for the next person to use. I’ve decided to do a little fishing. The pond is really nice – you hear the frogs and I see lots of fish jumping, but I just didn’t catch any.

Hoist Lakes Trail System Map PDF (105 KB)

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