The following are some suggested itineraries, based on our own experiences with accompanying video clips to help you decide if it is a place for you. Feel free to select only one or two activities per day according to your family’s interests. For assistance or for more information, call the Manistique Tourism Council -
(800) 342-4282 Have fun!

Manistique, MI
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Indian Lake State Park
Lake Michigan


>Show Introduction

Manistique Tourism Council

Welcome to Great Getaways. On today's show we're going to start in the quaint harbor town of Manistique, Michigan. Stretching from Lake Michigan's north shore to within five miles of Lake Superior, Schoolcraft county has a little of everything the UP has to offer. Wild rivers and pristine lakes, deep forests and a plenitude of wildlife combine to make a sportsman's paradise.


>Canoeing Through the Seney National Wildlife Refuge (5 hours)

Northland Outfitters

Seney National Wildlife Refuge

Manistique Area Canoeing Information

Northland Outfitters located in Germfask, Michigan, provides Outfitting service for Canoeing and Biking trips through-out the area and owner Tom Kinney would be our guide for this fantastic trip. We loaded the canoes and Kayaks for a day on the river. We left the launch and we were on our way. The day was gorgeous and the water warm as we paddled our way into the Seney. I would start the day in a 2 man kayak with professional photographer Steven Kopacki.


>Kewadin Casino (2 hours)

Kewadin Casino

As the day came to an end, we still had a lot of energy from the excitement of the day and decided to enjoy a little of Manistique’s nightlife. Don’t laugh, there really is a nightlife here. Located right on US-2 just as you arrive in Manistique is the Kewadin Casino. This upscale entertainment is almost a surprise in an area located in this part of almost the wilderness. Owned and operated by the Sault Tribe of the Chippewa Indians and located on Indian Reservation, it has all the gaming that you would find in a Las Vegas casino. We spent a minute with marketing coordinator  Becky Dennis, who gave us some insight into the Manistique Kewadin Casino.


Indian Lake State Park
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>Hiking Indian Lake State Park (3 hours)

Michigan DNR - Indian Lake State Park Trail Map PDF (205 KB)

Manistique Area Hiking Information

This is one of the most beautiful State Parks in Michigan’s State Park system and that is saying a lot with the beauty Michigan offers. It has a trail system that wraps around part of Indian Lake and is suitable for all ages and is handicapped accessible for a part of it. This complete trail is only 3 and a half miles if you were to do the whole thing. It is divided into loops some as small as a quarter mile. That is the loop we are on today with the kids. It is an interpretative trail that will teach the youngsters about the great outdoors.


>Manistique Boardwalk (2 hours)

Manistique Boardwalk

As our trip slowly comes to an end we wanted to spend it on one of the most beautiful boardwalks around. The Manistique boardwalk runs right next to Lake Michigan and it beautiful sand beach. The Manistique Boardwalk and River Walk extends 1.83 miles from the eastern city limits passing under the US-2 Bridge into the downtown district. The Boardwalk offers its users a fishing pier, access to the east breakwater light, picnic grounds, and abundant nature and wildlife to enjoy.


Manistique Website
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>Visit ManistiqueWebsite

There is so much to do here that when Manistique decided to build a new web site we asked if we could do it for them. We wanted the opportunity to research and put together a site that would benefit the people like us as well as the casual observer. We wanted something that would not only have basic information but information that would help you plan every detail of your trip and that is exactly what we did. When Denny, Bryan and myself sat down to do this we knew it had to be graphically entertaining and full of information, and that was just what we did. Whether you need a hiking map or want to see what an area looks like it is here. We have taken video and pictures from our show and combined all of our personal experience to make what I think you will find is the most comprehensive web site on the internet. There is a link from our site. Check it out and see what you think.

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