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Manistique Boardwalk
(2 hours)

As our trip slowly comes to an end we wanted to spend it on one of the most beautiful boardwalks around. The Manistique boardwalk runs right next to Lake Michigan and it beautiful sand beach.

The Manistique Boardwalk and River Walk extends 1.83 miles from the eastern city limits passing under the US-2 Bridge into the downtown district. The Boardwalk offers its users a fishing pier, access to the east breakwater light, picnic grounds, and abundant nature and wildlife to enjoy.

The boardwalk was first constructed in 1991, with several expansions and improvements taking place since. The boardwalk offers interpretive signs, a fishing pier, picnic areas and access to the the East Breakwater Light. There is an abundant supply of birds and other wildlife for you to enjoy.

It comes right to the edge of the breakwater for the East Breakwater Light. The light is at the east end of the harbor where the Manistique River flows into Lake Michigan. On a day like today you can  walk out on the breakwater all the way to the light. When Lake Michigan gets rough it is not advisable to walk out to the light because more than likely you will end up in the water swept off the walk by the large waves and wind.

The East Breakwater Light was first lit in 1917 and automated in 1969. The 35' red light tower is shaped like a square pyramid and may be seen from almost everywhere along the beach. The original light was a Fourth Order Fresnel Lens, now replaced with a 300 MM automatic beam.

Manistique Boardwalk

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