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Canoeing Through the Seney National Wildlife Refuge
(5 hours)

Northland Outfitters located in Germfask, Michigan, provides Outfitting service for Canoeing and Biking trips through-out the area and owner Tom Kinney would be our guide for this fantastic trip. I was excited and couldn’t wait to get started.

We loaded the canoes and Kayaks for a day on the river. We left the launch and we were on our way. The day was gorgeous and the water warm as we paddled our way into the Seney. I would start the day in a 2 man kayak with professional photographer Steven Kopacki.

As we paddle down this river I could not help but be in awe of the splendor of Mother Nature. There were towering pines as far as the eye could see and the only noise you would hear was the paddle dipping in the water or the cry of lonely loon. I treasure these moments knowing that they will come to end oh so soon.

It wasn’t good enough to look from side to side some times you need to look up to take in all the splendor. The look of the river continued to change but one thing that never changed was the beauty that awaited around every corner.

I think Al is being pushed by the kids for going to slow. With them cheering him on the push ahead leaving us in the rear. You can hear the fun in their voice. What a wonderful end to a wonderful day.

Northland Outfitters

Seney National Wildlife Refuge

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