Bishop Baraga Shrine

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Bishop Baraga Shrine
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»directions from palms book state park:
northwest on Fishingsite Rd//turn left at M-149//turn left at CR-455//turn left at CR-442/M-149//turn left at Evergreen Beach following indian lake shore//slight left at CR-440//turn left at Arrowhead Rd 0.2 mi to Bishop Baraga Shrine

time to spend:

one hour

what to bring:



Bishop Barage Shrine
Manistique Tourism Council

Father Frederick Baraga was called "The Apostle of the Ottawa’s and Chippewa’s." Baraga was born and trained in Europe. He arrived in 1830 to begin his work.

During his lifetime, Father Baraga founded many missions in northern Michigan. The original Indian Lake mission, the third of Baraga's faith, was built in anticipation of his first visit to the area in May of 1832. The chapel, built by local Chippewa’s, used traditional Indian construction methods and materials such as logs and bark.

The Indians replaced the first chapel with a larger one in 1833. Records suggest that the chapel may have existed until 1873. Based on historical information, the Indian Lake mission was rebuilt in the early 1980's on the original mission's site.

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