Ashford Lake Pathway

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Rainey Wildlife Area
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Ashford Lake Pathway
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»directions from manistique:
north on I-94 about 16 miles//I-94 will curve to the west, then back north, and then west again. Ashford Lake is on the north side of the second curve to the west//turn right into Ashford Lake Pathway parking lot.

time to spend:

three hours

what to bring:

hiking boots, compass, bottled water


Ashford Lake Pathway Map
PDF (412 KB)

Ashford Lake Pathway is known more for its cross country skiing than its summer and fall hiking. That’s ok because that means its another secret that only a few know about.

It is amazing how one minute we are walking through reds, oranges and greens and then it turns into bright yellows where ever you look. I think that is why the colors in the north woods are so fantastic, it has so many different kinds of trees.

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