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Episode #1304

January 2016


Episode #8055 | week of January 7, 2016

Michigan's Upper Peninsula


There are many ways to enjoy this winter wonderland and we will bring it to you as we explore the beautiful countryside from the inside of a snowmobile trail groomer. After today’s show when you think of a cozy winter getaway you will think “Michigan’s Upper Peninsula." Winter is the season when Michigan’s Upper Peninsula truly sparkles and we will enjoy it all as we take in the beauty from the top of Munising Falls and then set out on snowshoes for the spectacular frozen Wagner Falls. We will snowmobile down M94 to the little town of Gulliver to try our hand at ice fishing.


Episode #1201 | week of January 14, 2016

West Branch, Michigan


There is plenty of snow for some great cross country skiing up and down the incredible hills and the pathways and what would a winter trip be without some ice fishing? We discover that there are over 100 ice covered lakes in this county to choose from. Then we will end each day with a great meal and a hot tottie. No better place to start winter than in the heart of Michigan.

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