Episode Archives: 2017

Episode #1409

January 2017


Episode #1401 | week of January 5, 2017

Michigan's Upper Peninsula


We have taken the winter clips from our past to give you a glimpse of what the North Country looked like when there was still a wilderness that was blanketed by snow.


Episode #1402 | week of January 12, 2017

Upper Peninsula, Michigan


We have had the opportunity to go to a lot of great places and see some great winter scenery. We thought it was time to collect some of our favorite winter travels in one show.


Episode #1301 | week of January 19, 2017

Michigan / Ontario

“The Best, as Selected By Our Viewers”

We have been keeping track of the comments and requests for information from our loyal viewers and today we will show you the best adventures as picked by you, our audience.

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