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Episode #2012

January 2024


Episode #2101-001 | week of January 4, 2024

Michigan / Ontario

“Our Favorite Winter Trips”

We have traveled throughout the Midwest in winter and enjoyed every place we have been but there are always a few places that stand out in our mind and today we will take a look at some of them.


Episode #2004-001 | week of January 11, 2024

Manistique / Hiawatha Forest

“Lots of Snow”

We love the snow and there is always plenty of it in Michigan’s Upper Peninsula. We will play in it all, then visit some ice-capped lighthouses.


Episode #2002-001 | week of January 18, 2024

Escanaba, Michigan

“Discover Winter in Escanaba”

In the winter there is so much to do and this winter we travel to the city with longest freshwater shoreline of any county in the entire USA. We will ice fish for trophy walleye and tour Escanaba but not in Da Moonlight!


Episode #1913-001 | week of January 25, 2024

Grand Marais, Michigan

“Pictured Rocks: The East End”

Starting at the Grand Marais Ranger Station we discover incredible trails through the Grand Sable Dunes to the Grand Sable Falls and up the Grand Sable Light and then onto shipwreck discovery.

February 2024


Episode #2102-001 | week of February 1, 2024

Central Upper Peninsula, Michigan

“Wilderness Trails on E-Bikes”

We love the wilderness and wanted to try a new way to explore it. We test our skills on electric bikes. Sound easy? Maybe not. Watch and find out.


Episode #2005-001 | week of February 8, 2024

Cadillac, Michigan

“Cadillac - Not the Car, the Town”

We didn’t know that you could kayak, canoe, fish, and mushroom hunt in Cadillac. So, we did. Oh, and we also visited some of their watering holes. Great Time!


Episode #2012-001 | week of February 15, 2024

Upper Peninsula, Michigan

“Autumn in the Wilderness”

Starting in the village of Nahma along Lake Michigan, then heading north to hike Bruno’s Run and ending up with a search for Mulligan Falls - this trip is the perfect Great Getaway.


Episode #1804-002 | week of February 22, 2024

Michigan / Ontario

“Our Favorite Waterways”

Michigan and Canada are known for their waterways and today we will show you some of the best. We will canoe, kayak, and boat through some of the most spectacular and exciting waterways that are accessible to everyone.


Episode #2013-001 | week of February 29, 2024

AuGres, Michigan

“AuGres, Michigan: The City of Gritty Stone”

This area is built on sand and the original French explorers called it the city of gritty stone. This is appropriate because sand is the sign of beaches and fun and there is plenty of that today. Located on the shores of Lake Huron this little town offers everything that the vacationer could want. From nature hikes to unique cabins. Spend a couple of days close to home.

March 2024


Episode #1106-003 | week of March 7, 2024

NW Upper Peninsula, Michigan

“The Keweenaw Peninsula”

This rugged wilderness is the northernmost part of Michigan! Here is where the largest freshwater lake on earth creates a peninsula called the Keweenaw. We will hike to Montreal Falls, discover the history of Fort Wilkins and the Delaware Copper Mine and enjoy the breath taking beauty of the Great Sand Bay. Plus we will bring you “Then and Now” giving you a glimpse of what the area was like 20 years ago and today.


Episode #1910-001 | week of March 14, 2024

Houghton Lake, Michigan

“Nostalgia Tour”

Houghton Lake is known for bringing families back year after year, generation after generation. So, we will meet 5 families that have been coming here for over 50 years and hear some of their wonderful memories and how they are making new ones.


Episode #1905-002 | week of March 21, 2024

Bruce County, Ontario

“Hiking on the Niagara Escarpment”

Canada is known for its rugged beauty and pristine wilderness and that is what we will discover as we travel along a portion of the world-renowned Niagara Escarpment. We hike to rock outcroppings that look down 300 feet into the Georgian Bay, we go into the back country through beautiful forests rich with wildlife and so much more. Hike with us as we discover the Niagara Escarpment.


Episode #1406-003 | week of March 28, 2024

Baldwin / Ludington, Michigan

“Where Is Baldwin?”

Baldwin Michigan holds many exciting adventures from canoeing on the beautiful Pere Marquette River to hiking the incredible Sand Dunes. We will explore the exciting Ludington State Park and climb the circular stairs to the top of the Grand Sable Lighthouse.

April 2024


Episode #2103-001 | week of April 4, 2024

Michigan / Ontario

“Our Favorite Hikes Part 1”

We have hiked in so many great places that we couldn’t bring them all to you in one show. Today we will concentrate on Michigan’s Lower Peninsula and Canada including the Huron Manistee National Forest.


Episode #2104-001 | week of April 11, 2024

Michigan's Upper Peninsula

“Our Favorite Hikes Part 2”

This is part 2 of our favorite hikes and it takes us to the Upper Peninsula and beyond. So, grab your boots and watch as we head into the back country with part 2 of our favorite hikes.


Episode #2105-001 | week of April 18, 2024

Grayling / St Helen / Detroit

“The Last of the Old Growth Forests in Michigan”

We take a trip to the last old growth forest in Michigan. One of the largest state parks in the Lower Peninsula, Hartwick Pines features 49 acres of old-growth pine forest, a visitor center and logging museum, a modern campground and 21 miles of trails.


Episode #2006-001 | week of April 25, 2024

Schoolcraft County, Michigan

“Central Upper Peninsula Circle Tour”

Join Host Tom O’Boyle as he takes us on a tour of the central U.P. With stops from Fayette Historic Site all the way to the Seul Choix Point Lighthouse at the other end, and lots of cool places in between.

May 2024


Episode #1902-002 | week of May 2, 2024

Upper Peninsula, Michigan

“Hiawatha National Forest Part 1”

We spend a lot of time in the Hiawatha National Forest hiking and exploring and that’s what we are going to do on this 2-part special. It all starts on the Bruno’s Run Hiking Trail.


Episode #1903-001 | week of May 9, 2024

Upper Peninsula, Michigan

“Hiawatha National Forest Part 2”

In part 2 we continue to learn more about this incredible wilderness as we continue our hiking and exploration. Including stops at the McKeever and Toms Cabins.


Episode #1802-003 | week of May 16, 2024

Upper Peninsula, Michigan

“Wilderness Waterfalls Part 1”

The U.P. is home to all but one of Michigan’s waterfalls. There are more than 200 falls scattered across the U.P., ranging in size from under 5 feet to 48+ feet vertical drops. Almost all require hiking to reach, and all are worth the hike. Some of the hikes are a lot harder than others but as you will see today the hikes are half the fun.


Episode #1803-002 | week of May 23, 2024

Upper Peninsula, Michigan

“Wilderness Waterfalls Part 2”

Part two of our wilderness waterfall hunt will take us to even more of the waterfalls in Michigan’s Upper Peninsula and they are all located in beautiful natural areas. We are going to take you across the U.P. to discover as many as possible in the time we have.


Episode #1813-002 | week of May 30, 2024

Upper Peninsula, Michigan

“Wilderness Waterfalls Part 3”

Our adventure continues in search of Michigan Waterfalls. So many waterfalls and so little time to see them all. This show is part 3 in our Wilderness Waterfall Adventure.

June 2024


Episode #1701-003 | week of June 6, 2024

Michigan's Sunrise Coast

“Huron Shores Circle Tour”

Our tour starts on the beautiful beach in Tawas then heads north to Sturgeon Point Light, back east to Reid Lake Foot Travel area and over to River Road Scenic Byway before ending at the Negwegon State Park. There are so many stops along the way that you will need to watch to enjoy them all.


Episode #2102-001 | week of June 13, 2024

Central Upper Peninsula, Michigan

“Wilderness Trails on E-Bikes”

We love the wilderness and want to try a new way to explore it. We test our skills on electric bikes. Sound easy? Maybe not. Watch and find out.


Episode #2106-001 | week of June 20, 2024

Lake St. Clair, Michigan

“From New Baltimore to Anchor Bay”

Nestled between Southeast Michigan and the Canadian province of Ontario is the second-largest non-Great-Lake in the Midwest, Lake St. Clair. You can fish, boat, and play and that’s what we will do today.


Episode #2107-001 | week of June 27, 2024

Great Lakes Bay Region, Michigan

“A Taste of Hops, Spirits and Fruit of the Vine”

What a trip this will be as we travel across three counties to experience the best craft beers, spirits and wines, sampling the unique foods that go along with them. All located in Mid-Michigan in the Great Lakes Bay Region. Vote for your favorite at our online poll.

July 2024


Episode #1606-002 | week of July 4, 2024

Manistique to Iron Mountain, Michigan

“Scenic Byway 2”

Our tour of the U.S. 2 scenic byway continues as we leave Manistique and continue West to Iron Mountain. Stops along the way include Fayette State Park, Big Bay De Noc and a trip to the top of Michigan’s oldest ski hill.

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